(O365) Delegation of Mailbox Access Rights to another user using PowerShell Commands:

Delegation of MailBox Access Rights allows users to designate another user to send mail on their behalf. For example, the service administrator can modify a user’s mailbox settings to grant “send as” permissions to administrative assistants or to enable full mailbox access for third-party applications, such as archiving applications and fax servers.Exchange Online allows serviceContinue reading “(O365) Delegation of Mailbox Access Rights to another user using PowerShell Commands:”

How to get Scanner’s emailing after moving to Office365

Many small businesses have printers that will scan to e-mail, phone systems that will send e-mail status updates, and really a number of other e-mail enabled devices.  When converting to a cloud based e-mail system, like Office 365, sometimes these devices cannot be configured to send e-mail over encrypted links to the cloud.  Office 365Continue reading “How to get Scanner’s emailing after moving to Office365”

Sharepoint Apps – Integrates into Outlook (Freeware)

harmon.ie for SharePoint is an Outlook sidebar that drives document and social adoption of SharePoint without changing user behavior, by providing every business user easy, full-featured access to SharePoint from the convenience of the email client. As a client-side application, harmon.ie for SharePoint integrates with Microsoft SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint Online as wellContinue reading “Sharepoint Apps – Integrates into Outlook (Freeware)”

New Fortinet App for Iphone released.

Fortinet have released a brand spanking new app for their customer base which can allow users to search the entire Fortinet product portfolio directly from your iPhone. The most interesting feature allowing you to find the FortiGate best suited to your companies needs called the ForiGate Configurator. This allows you to view and consider theContinue reading “New Fortinet App for Iphone released.”

How to Install and Configure Fortinet FortiClient IPSec VPN Software

http://PCRoger.com – This short video shows how to install and configure Fortinet FortiClient IPSec VPN software for remote connectivity to your corporate (or home!) network when a Fortigate firewall is used. IPSec VPN’s are very secure and can allow a remote PC to have all the advantages to being on the host network – albeit atContinue reading “How to Install and Configure Fortinet FortiClient IPSec VPN Software”