NEW “Major Updates” Feature!

“Major Updates” is a new feature Microsoft is adding to the Office 365 Message centre. This is now rolled out to 100% of First Release organizations. Major Updates to the Office 365 services require administrator attention. They impact the way users engage with the software, and Office 365 customers need to be aware of theContinue reading “NEW “Major Updates” Feature!”

11 Features On Your iPhone Headphones That Most People Don’t Even Know Exist

1. Triple click the center button and hold to rewind. 2. Juggle multiple calls. If you’re already on the phone and get another call, click the center button once to hold your current call and answer the second one. 3. Hit the center button once while on a call to hang up. 4. Double clickContinue reading “11 Features On Your iPhone Headphones That Most People Don’t Even Know Exist”

New things this week in Office365!

What’s new in Office 365 Groups administration—June 2016 update On June 13, 2016 Microsoft published a June update for Office 365 Groups. The latest updates include the ability to manage group creation policy in Azure Active Directory, set usage guidelines, define data classification, and leverage mobile application management. Announcing a new version of the OfficeContinue reading “New things this week in Office365!”

What’s new in Office 365 this June?

Updated “Site Contents” page begins rollout into #SharePoint Online (First Release) On June 1, 2016 Microsoft announced that SharePoint team is refreshing the SharePoint Online site contents page – a ‘behind the scenes’ page per site that helps site owners, members and visitors better understand the activities occurring within their site. This page retains previousContinue reading “What’s new in Office 365 this June?”

One Drive for Business – The ugly duckling

So first things first, if you use office365 and One Drive for Business, let me advise you of the following updates coming in the next few months…. Manage bandwidth—By the end of June, we’ll deliver IT controls to throttle bandwidth consumption of the client. Extended Windows Explorer integration—A simple right-click action to get a linkContinue reading “One Drive for Business – The ugly duckling”

New Stuff for Office365

PRODUCT NEWS DISCUSSIONS   Yammer user profile update from Azure Active Directory On April 15, 2016 Microsoft announced that Yammer user profile properties can be updated centrally in Azure Active Directory, and the changes will be automatically applied to Yammer. This includes properties such as First Name, Last Name, Title and Department.  A full listContinue reading “New Stuff for Office365”

Bin that Server. It’s cheap and cheerful.

So last week, Microsoft announced that they are reducing the minimum amount of users required to purchase Azure RemoteApp. There are two types of people reading this post…the one’s that just went “that’s pretty  good for the SMB market” and then there are those (majority) who heard ” Ahooshi booshey, booshey rooshey”….I’ll explain for theContinue reading “Bin that Server. It’s cheap and cheerful.”

One Drive 4 Business Updates and Roadmap

One Drive for Business, my friend and my foe. Over the past year or so i have grown to love it’s functionality but find myself baffled by some of it’s errors. It’s pretty clear from speaking with my clients that the two things that need to change are the ability to sync more than justContinue reading “One Drive 4 Business Updates and Roadmap”


Here we are folks, in a new world of IT. A world of “the cloud”. So what’s the over arching difference between Office365 and all other technologies produced by Microsoft in the past 30 years ? Well…. It’s changed who the IT guy is. It changed who the USER is. IT changed it’s clothes, grabbedContinue reading “We have gone from GATEKEEPER to GROUNDSKEEPER !”

Your World Of O365 [02.06.15]

So it’s a Bank Holiday Monday. But i live in Ireland. Therefore it’s Raining. It’s on days like this you get to understand the Irish state of mind. We are used to good things coming packaged like a Muller Fruit Corner. With the good comes the not so good. Enough of those kinda clouds….let’s get down toContinue reading “Your World Of O365 [02.06.15]”