Enabling Telnet on Vista or Windows 7

One thing I almost immediately noticed when Vista (and more recently Win7)  came out was that if I open a a command prompt and try to use telnet, I get informed that ‘telnet’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Telnet is one of the first tools I use toContinue reading “Enabling Telnet on Vista or Windows 7”

How to Reset Windows 7 Password Without Any third Party Software

Forgot the administrator password? There are many ways to access a Windows installation if you forgot the administrator password. Today I’ll show you another procedure to reset the Windows password by replacing the Sticky Keys application. This program allows you to use the function keys SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, or the Windows key by typing one keyContinue reading “How to Reset Windows 7 Password Without Any third Party Software”

Restore Windows 7 in 3 Minutes


If you liked Microsoft’s SteadyState and wish they hadn’t gotten rid of it, Steadier State may answer that wish
If you’ve never heard of SteadyState but think it’d be cool to have the power of a virtual machine’s snapshots implemented on a physical machine running Windows 7 or R2, you may like Steadier State

The Problem
You’re in charge of a bunch of PCs used by random people who are clueless/don’t care
* Classroom labs
* Libraries
* Kiosk machines
* Multiple-user workstations
It’s your job to quickly and easily un-do everything they’ve done to get ready for the next class/patron/user etc… undo in minutes

The Answer
Well, there are plenty of ’em, but they tend to be either slow or expensive
Microsoft used to give away a nice answer called “SteadyState,” but they don’t any more, and never supported Windows 7
Fortunately, there’s a “SteadyState” hidden inside Windows 7 (kind of), and Steadier State makes it possible for Free !!!