What is PowerApps?

It’s not lost of me that my first article on PowerApps on this blog is 2 and half years after i started Evros Labs …. But hey…the market is now only being made….so maybe this will have a wider audience that if i posted it in 2018 🙂 So let’s walk through what is PowerAppsContinue reading “What is PowerApps?”

Key Announcements @MSIgnite – Day 3

  Office 365 Usage Analytics Microsoft launched a preview of Power BI content pack for Office 365 in May 2017. The content pack is due for general availability in early 2018. When this happens, it will support usage data for Teams (Figure 2) in a new focus on how social collaboration occurs within a tenant. At theContinue reading “Key Announcements @MSIgnite – Day 3”

Key Announcements at MS Ignite

Some other key announcements: The Evolution Of Microsoft Teams  Microsoft announced that its vision for workplace communications will see the Microsoft Teams collaboration app replacing Skype for Business in Office 365 “over time” (no specific time-frame was shared). Teams is now getting new calling features such as call transfer, voicemail and calling to and from external phoneContinue reading “Key Announcements at MS Ignite”

Does your business still use SharePoint 2007 – Here is all you need to know.

SharePoint Server 2007 End of Life Roadmap On October 10, 2017, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 will reach End of Life. If you haven’t begun your migration from SharePoint Server 2007 to Office 365 or a newer version of SharePoint Server on-premises, now’s the time to start planning. This article details resources to help people migrateContinue reading “Does your business still use SharePoint 2007 – Here is all you need to know.”

New things this week in Office365!

What’s new in Office 365 Groups administration—June 2016 update On June 13, 2016 Microsoft published a June update for Office 365 Groups. The latest updates include the ability to manage group creation policy in Azure Active Directory, set usage guidelines, define data classification, and leverage mobile application management. Announcing a new version of the OfficeContinue reading “New things this week in Office365!”

What’s new in Office 365 this June?

Updated “Site Contents” page begins rollout into #SharePoint Online (First Release) On June 1, 2016 Microsoft announced that SharePoint team is refreshing the SharePoint Online site contents page – a ‘behind the scenes’ page per site that helps site owners, members and visitors better understand the activities occurring within their site. This page retains previousContinue reading “What’s new in Office 365 this June?”

One Drive for Business – The ugly duckling

So first things first, if you use office365 and One Drive for Business, let me advise you of the following updates coming in the next few months…. Manage bandwidth—By the end of June, we’ll deliver IT controls to throttle bandwidth consumption of the client. Extended Windows Explorer integration—A simple right-click action to get a linkContinue reading “One Drive for Business – The ugly duckling”

Yammer & SharePoint to become best Friends

So it’s been announced on the Office365 Roadmap. Therefore it’s official. Soon, when you create a Yammer Group it will automatically create a SharePoint Site ! The goal is to turn the conversation into a reliable business class documented solution. You can continue to discuss projects in the very social sense, permitted by Yammer. HoweverContinue reading “Yammer & SharePoint to become best Friends”