How do i find out where the share is actually located on a network ?

To find the actual location of file shares on Windows network and also to view administrative shares, open a command prompt. To open a command prompt, click the Start Menu, choose the Accessories option, then choose Command Prompt. Alternatively, click the Start Menu, choose the Run option, then type ‘cmd’ in the Run window thatContinue reading “How do i find out where the share is actually located on a network ?”

Location of NK2 files of Outlook.

The location of the NK2 file of Outlook The location of the NK2 AutoCompelete file created by Outlook might be different from one computer to another, depending on the operating system and the version of Outlook. Here’s the rules for finding the location of your NK2 file: For Outlook 2003/2007 with Windows 2000, Windows XP,Continue reading “Location of NK2 files of Outlook.”

Using nlite to slipstream Images.

Slipstreaming drivers in to your Windows installation can either make your Windows install super simple or just make it possible. Most modern SATA and RAID controllers need specific drivers for Windows to see and use the hard drive, and with most newer computers not having a floppy drive and most unable to use a USBContinue reading “Using nlite to slipstream Images.”

Deployment Workbench in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010

This demonstration shows how the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit is used to create deployment media to install Windows 7. The process includes migration of user files and settings, automated installation of the Windows 7 operating system, automated installation custom applications and performing additional configurations needed when migrating from Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows 7.Continue reading “Deployment Workbench in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010”