How to add loads of folders at once using Microsoft Excel !


Using a Batch File

  • Arrange your folder names in a single column. Click on the column’s header and type “FOLDERNAMES” in the name field beside the formula bar.

  • Add a blank column to the left of the “FOLDERNAMES” column by right-clicking the column header and choosing “Insert.”

  • Highlight the first cell in the blank column. Enter the following text into the formula bar, and copy it to the other blank cells.

    =”md “&FOLDERNAMES

  • Open your plain text editor and create a blank document. Copy and paste the code below at the beginning of the file. Replace “C:\Temp” with the complete path to the directory in which you would like to add folders. For example, to add folders to “Songs” inside your “D” drive, use the path “D:\Songs.”

    @echo off

    cd “C:\Temp”

  • Return to your Excel workbook. Right-click the header of the column containing the “md” formulas and choose “Copy.” Go back to your text editor, and paste the values at the end of the file. Your file should now look something like this:

    @echo off

    cd “c:\Temp”

    md foldername1

    md foldername2


  • Save the file on your Desktop as “CreateFolders.bat.” Go to the Desktop, and run the batch file by double-clicking on its icon. Your folders are now ready for use.


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