How To Find Your SharePoint Error Logs

The SharePoint Error Logs can be an indispensible tool when you are having problems. However, they can be located in many different places.

To Find Where SharePoint Logs are Being Stored

  1. Go to Central Administration
  2. Click on Monitoring
  3. Under “Reporting” > Click on Configure Diagnostic Logging
  4. In the Trace Logs section of the page > Path

  1. The address here will tell you where on the server the logs are being kept but there is additional information available from the settings such as days of log storage, maximum storage space, etc. Changing the disk the logs are stored on assures your SharePoint application does not lose space to the logs and freeze up due to lack of space.
  2. To view logs, you can now go to the SharePoint server and travel to the location specified in Path – once here, ordering by date will help you find the most recent log
  3. If you have just received an error guide, search for it in the log – additional information about the error should be available here

Thanks to Emerson Bruce for this post.

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