What is the difference between a Major and a Minor version in SharePoint ?

In short…..

A “Major” is a PUBLISHED document.

A “Minor” is an UN-PUBLISHED document in DRAFT mode.

In order for regular users to view your page that is in DRAFT mode, also
known as “Minor” version, you first have to PUBLISH it, this creates a
“Major” version.

The user must belong to the “Approvers” group in order to see draft mode
pages or belong to the “site collection administrator” group; you can also
create a custom permission level called “Content Reviewer” for example.

1) Go to SITE SETTINGS -> SITE PERMISSIONS; from the SETTINGS menu, click on
2) Click ADD A PERMISSION LEVEL and assign it a name of “Content Reviewer”
with the following permissions:

-Edit Items
-View Items
-Open Items

-View Pages

4) Then, go to “PEOPLE AND GROUPS” and in the GROUPS section click “New
Group” found under the NEW menu. Give it a name of “Content Reviewers” and
under “Give Group Permission to this Site” select the box labelled “Content

The users would only be able to review the draft content, but not approve it.

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