This post is not just about office 365.

So, in a weekend where i had about 750 social events to attend, it’s safe to say its surprising to me and anyone who knows me that i am actually writing a blog post tonight. I took today and tomorrow off work to actually chill out. But as the old saying goes, “Procrastination is great fun until you realise that you didn’t do a post last week and if you don’t do one this week you are one week away from doing it three weeks in a row”. Yeah….you know THAT saying… Everyone know’s THAT saying. Anyway….It’s actually something i have been looking forward to as there are a few cool things i want to share.

First Up…. What’s new this week in Office 365 ?

Preview office docs online in Yammer !!!! 

On June 26, 2015 Microsoft announced Office Online Previews to Yammer. That means all your Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF files can be viewed using the power of Office Online. In addition to the compliance benefits, Office Online in Yammer provides a faster, richer experience than the old file previewer. 

Additions to mail flow for Exchange Online (no more SSL 3.0)

One June 29, 2015 Microsoft announced enhanced mail flow security for Exchange Online which included TLS 1.2 support added, new cipher suite order, SSL 3.0 support withdrawn and that RC4 cipher support is being withdrawn. 

Archive Non-Microsoft Data ! (MS are getting omnicompliant) 

On June 30, 2015 Microsoft announced that to accommodate customers who require archiving of non-Microsoft data in Office 365. 

Microsoft’s integration with Actiance and Globanet has meant that Office 365 will extend its rich and comprehensive archiving solution to cover a wide array of third-party data sources:

  • Social — Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Instant messaging — Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk, Cisco Jabber, etc.
  • Document collaboration — Box, DropBox, etc.
  • Verticals — SalesForce Chatter, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.
  • SMS/text messaging — BlackBerry, MobileGuard, etc.

The entire compliance stack in Office 365—eDiscovery, Retention, Hold and Auditing—will have access to these new data sources. Both Microsoft as well as non-Microsoft data will be treated alike throughout the system.

Manage more of Office365 with a new PowerShell for Office365 Site. 

On June 30, 2015 Microsoft announced the launch of PowerShell for Office 365. This website is targeted at IT administrators with little to no experience with Windows PowerShell. The website is focused on simple scenarios that are focused entirely for Office 365 administration. 

Finally, Customise the App Launcher ???? 

I like some others this week have noticed a new message posted to the message centre announcing the ability to add custom tiles to the Office 365 app launcher. Pretty Nifty !!! Read the support article here.

Ok, Office 365, is that like all you talk about ?

Microsoft EDGE

Previously know as Project Spartan. (by the way, i thought i was spartan, but there ya go). The new Windows Browser is a step up from its predecessors and is extremely intuitive and interactive. I like it I have to say. I have been messing around with it since Preview of Windows 10. Here’s the video….

Finally, What’s the craic with Greece ?

Let’s just talk about Greece…they had a monumental vote on Saturday. In case you missed it….the judges voted for the singing dog who could Juggle. Second was the opera singer who worked as a binman by day and third was a Monkey with two arms and 6 girlfriends (Serious Swinger). X factor is alive and well in the Greece. They also voted no to Austerity. I have no idea what they have against Australian Land.

Chat soon…


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