Bin that Server. It’s cheap and cheerful.

So last week, Microsoft announced that they are reducing the minimum amount of users required to purchase Azure RemoteApp. There are two types of people reading this post…the one’s that just went “that’s pretty  good for the SMB market” and then there are those (majority) who heard ” Ahooshi booshey, booshey rooshey”….I’ll explain for the latter.

Scenario. You have a server running SAGE. It needed a server back in the day because it was a heavy cpu user and needed to accept multiple connections…..remember !  Well SAGE like many other applications that need something to serve the people who need access to it doesn’t need to sit in your office or data-centre anymore on that server.

The ability to set-up SAGE (or whatever application you fancy) as a Remote App in Azure has been available for a while now but only when you had a minimum of 20 users. This was costly and if you only had 4 people who needed access to the app…well it wasn’t worth it. But now….now it’s gonna save you money…and be more resilient and be available remote and never need updates again….and and and…well you get the picture.

Its now cheap…and easy to move your application to the cloud and turn off that noisey server. Its the most cheerful thing your business will do. (well when it comes to IT …i do hope your company ain’t that dull…)


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