11 Features On Your iPhone Headphones That Most People Don’t Even Know Exist

1. Triple click the center button and hold to rewind.

2. Juggle multiple calls.

If you’re already on the phone and get another call, click the center button once to hold your current call and answer the second one.

3. Hit the center button once while on a call to hang up.

4. Double click and hold to fast forward through a song.

5. Click the center button once to answer a phone call.

6. Take a photo.

With the camera app open, hit one of the volume buttons to snap a photo.

7. Play and pause media.

Tapping the center button will play, pause or resume a song or video.

8. Press and hold the center button for two seconds to activate Siri.

9. Ignore a call.

Hold the center button for about two seconds to ignore a second caller and stay on the line with your current call.

10. Click the center button three times to start a song over or go back to the previous song.

11. Double tap the center button to skip to the next song.

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