NEW “Major Updates” Feature!

“Major Updates” is a new feature Microsoft is adding to the Office 365 Message centre. This is now rolled out to 100% of First Release organizations.
Major Updates to the Office 365 services require administrator attention. They impact the way users engage with the software, and Office 365 customers need to be aware of the plans, the general timing and have control to ensure that information is protected.
Quick Snapshot of the Update is below…
In the weeks following MSIgnite, the Message Center communications – web UI, weekly digest, and new emails – will flag “Major Updates” so that admins can receive email notifications and know how long that capability will be in First Release before reaching Standard Release. During First Release (soon to be renamed Targeted Release), the capability will be enabled for any tenant or user set to First Release, and tenant admins can configure or disable the feature.
Settings that are applied during First Release carry forward to Standard Release so that you can comfortably prepare for new releases. For organizations that want to allow the evergreen service to update seamlessly, no action is required, and Major Update emails can be disabled.
This is now rolled out to First Release customers. Microsoft will begin rolling out to the rest of the world beginning in November.
This has administrative controls to enable and disable, the email notifications, and will be available when Microsoft rolls out major updates. Email notifications are on-by-default.
Credit: Microsoft Message Centre.

Let’s Hear Directly from MS on this one….. I’ve cut it to the point where Anne Michels shows you the three methods of Major Updates communication.


Stay tuned for more updates….

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