Your World Of O365 [08.06.15]

Wait, What was that ? Last 7 days in quick review:

On May 28, 2015 Microsoft announced that it’s looking for additional participants for the Office 2016 Windows Desktop preview, with new builds available. I installed it on my Windows 10 Preview….i know i’m so rad right 😉  To say they work well together is an understatement (more of these later). Office 2016 has some excellent features and Office365 Groups are a big part of it. Add to this the new attachment methodology coming with it and the product is pretty tight in my view.

So what happened this week ? beside’s Ireland admitting we took a €5M bribe from Fifa.

Microsoft doing something Wunderful:

Well…the big one was Microsoft bought Wunderlist and to say i was happy would be like saying my wife get’s a emotional watching Grey’s Anatomy. Yes… would indeed be a real understatement ! Well to be exact MS bough Wunderkinder6 which make Wunderlist but i only care about the Wunderlist bit as i use it religiously for all my To-Do’s , be it work or home. I am even using it now to tick off topics i seen during the week for this blog. All i have to say is good man Microsoft. More on the acquisition and the product below. Wunderful.

Wunderlist  & News on Acquisition

Some major new changes coming this year:

Also there was a video released this week from Office Mechanics (Jeremy Chapman is joined by Julia White). If your in the office 365 sphere then it will get you pumped a little as the next 365 days of innovation look damn good. MS are clearly looking to make the USER very very keen to have the MS cloud stack in their lives…and if the user actually “wants” the change then you are already winning in my view. Bring it on Microsoft…Bring it on.

What’s that coming over the hill ? Yes, it’s a monster.

Following on from the excellent news about MS buying Wunderlist, it’s only fair to start looking to what’s next on the acquisition list. So as all good bosses do, Keith sends me through a link on Friday about this exact topic, and low and behold two of the biggest applications around right now are on that list. Well you would hope so…but the fact there is real discussion around the possibility means this may happen (someday). If it did then take a bow Microsoft…you played well.

Chat soon !


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