Here we are folks, in a new world of IT. A world of “the cloud”. So what’s the over arching difference between Office365 and all other technologies produced by Microsoft in the past 30 years ? Well…. It’s changed who the IT guy is. It changed who the USER is. IT changed it’s clothes, grabbed a bath and forgot all about those pesky Techie guys saying … “ya can’t do that, jaysus, they’ll run riot”. It’s turned the IT guy from Gatekeeper into Groundskeeper. And I for one….am all in favour.

Office365 is your new epidemic….let’s catch up with what’s new this week.

Updates (not the windows ones as we ain’t got no time for that !)

Following on from last week regarding Windows 10 release, here is a link to the upgrade path to Windows 10 from your current OS. Outlined below. Guinness Storehouse (June 26th)…mark the date. Windows 10 Briefing.


Breaking News ! (like breaking bad and breaking wind, but more informative.)

Skype Goes Online

Skype for Business will begin to rollout through the online experience in the coming months, this means the ability to Skype via OWA, Calendar and OneDrive for Business. Nifty Nifty. My only concern is i wrote this nugget of info down (in Wunderlist) but never attached the URL. So i can’t back this up with a link….so this is blind trust that i am speaking the truth. And i am fully aware, not everyone can handle the truth. (just ask Tom Cruise or Oscar Pistorias!)

Office 365 is ring fencing “new things”

This week saw a change in the way the portal allows for admins to prevent or activate certain elements of the portal to users. This was always available via Azure but now is prevalent for all apps in O365. Check out the option for SWAY below.


Add to this the new ability to turn on new releases for your tenancy but NOT for all, you have a nice control over your apps. This is pretty neat. (I just turned into an american there), by neat i mean grooooovy. (I know….still american…but more Huggi Bear)


Delve is the new “LOOK AT ME” site.

Your so vain right ? Well…Delve is now going to be home for your profile and all you are about. Check it out here

And also …watch this video….it’s only simon bleeding carly. (or Carly Simon, never sure)

So Delve , also known as the MONSTER is improving week on week, announcing interactions with Yammer to beat the band. An interesting one was….if you post a link in yammer it will appear in Delve . Meaning, more and more people will start to consider Delve a starting point, a place to search quickly, a place to see what’s happening in your company etc… Delve is your new home, hang up your cap, pour a scotch and chill the beans. It ain’t no drop-in.

Not much else to add, apart from, please share this on your Twitter Feed or Yammer feed. I work for a company called Inspired SS and we’d love to hear from you if you are the fashizzle in Office365. Contact us via our website here.


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