New Stuff for Office365

PRODUCT NEWS DISCUSSIONS   Yammer user profile update from Azure Active Directory On April 15, 2016 Microsoft announced that Yammer user profile properties can be updated centrally in Azure Active Directory, and the changes will be automatically applied to Yammer. This includes properties such as First Name, Last Name, Title and Department.  A full listContinue reading “New Stuff for Office365”

This post is not just about office 365.

So, in a weekend where i had about 750 social events to attend, it’s safe to say its surprising to me and anyone who knows me that i am actually writing a blog post tonight. I took today and tomorrow off work to actually chill out. But as the old saying goes, “Procrastination is greatContinue reading “This post is not just about office 365.”

Your World Of O365 [08.06.15]

Wait, What was that ? Last 7 days in quick review: On May 28, 2015 Microsoft announced that it’s looking for additional participants for the Office 2016 Windows Desktop preview, with new builds available. I installed it on my Windows 10 Preview….i know i’m so rad right 😉  To say they work well together isContinue reading “Your World Of O365 [08.06.15]”

Powershell Tips – How to save time connecting to Office 365 ?

Powershell Profiles Make Life Easier ! The five commands that connect you into the cloud are indeed a big block of text. Import-Module MSOnline $O365Cred = Get-Credential $O365Session = New-PSSession –ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $O365Cred -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection Import-PSSession $O365Session Connect-MsolService –Credential $O365Cred There purpose is broken down as follows… 1. Import your newlyContinue reading “Powershell Tips – How to save time connecting to Office 365 ?”

Adding Additional Default Doc Types to a Document Library

This is a quick blog post on document library behavior for SharePoint 2010. By default, when you create a new document library you are asked which document type you want to make “Default” for your list. However, what if you want all four Office document types to show up? Here’s what we’re going to walkContinue reading “Adding Additional Default Doc Types to a Document Library”

Useful sites for SharePoint – Office365

SharePoint Online Administration Guide in Office 365 for enterprises :- Learn More About SharePoint Online for Office 365 :- Synchronize SharePoint content with SharePoint Workspace:- Workflow:- SharePoint online Extranet Invites:- Suggestion:- That’s Why I Use SharePoint:-

Freeing up space for downloading documents to SharePoint workspaces

In this article About SharePoint Workspace download limits Freeing up space by deleting SharePoint workspaces Freeing up space by disconnecting from document libraries Freeing up space by discarding documents in document libraries About SharePoint Workspace download limits You can store approximately 10,000 documents in SharePoint Workspace. Once you reach the limit, only document properties suchContinue reading “Freeing up space for downloading documents to SharePoint workspaces”

Share a Sharepoint O365 site with external users

People who need to see or work with your site content but who don’t have user accounts for your SharePoint Online environment are considered “external users.” External users might be vendors or customers, for example. With SharePoint Online, after you activate the feature, you can invite an external user to your site just by sendingContinue reading “Share a Sharepoint O365 site with external users”

To enable external users in Sharepoint Online

Go to Team Site ->Site Settings ->Site Collection Administration ->Site collection features ->External user invitations ->Activate (Allow external users to be invited to the site). Then when I back to Site Actions ->Share Site   If the pop-out windows still shows  “Invitations to users outside your organization are currently disabled” follow below advice.   Resolving this issueContinue reading “To enable external users in Sharepoint Online”

Bulk-create external contacts in Exchange Online

Do you have lots of existing business contacts that you want to include in the shared address book in Exchange Online? Or add your contacts as members of distribution groups, just like you can with users inside your company? If so, you can use Windows PowerShell and a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file to bulkContinue reading “Bulk-create external contacts in Exchange Online”