What is BLOB storage ?

A BLOB (binary large object), pronounced BLAHB and sometimes spelled in all lower case, is a large file, typically an image or sound file, that must be handled (for example, uploaded, downloaded, or stored in a database) in a special way because of its size. The main idea about a BLOB is that the handlerContinue reading “What is BLOB storage ?”

Here is how you become a SharePoint Developer.

Watch this. SharePoint is taking off in ways we only could have imagined a few years ago.  Along with that comes a demand for developers to help implement and customize it for customers.  We are seeing a huge need for people with these skills in the market. If you were ever thinking about becoming aContinue reading “Here is how you become a SharePoint Developer.”

Whats the difference between Application Pools and Web Sites in IIS ?

From a SharePoint point of view, both are created by a SharePoint Admin, through Central Admin or PowerShell. An IIS site is equal to a SharePoint web application. Each web application must run within a single application pool. However, an application pool can host several web applications. An application pool represents a w3wp.exe process runningContinue reading “Whats the difference between Application Pools and Web Sites in IIS ?”

How to find out what extensions are blocked in SharePoint

1.Browse to the Central Admin site 2.Select the Operations tab 3.Under the Security Configuration section, click the link for Blocked file types 4.Select the Web Application that you would like to modify from the drop down list 5.Each blocked file extension displayed in the list is blocked by SharePoint. To enable the blocked file extension,Continue reading “How to find out what extensions are blocked in SharePoint”

Configure custom permissions (SharePoint Server 2010)

Customize an existing permission level If the custom permission level that you want is nearly identical to an existing default permission level and you do not need to use the default permission level, you can customize the default permission level. To customize an existing permission level Verify that you have one of the following administrativeContinue reading “Configure custom permissions (SharePoint Server 2010)”

Create and manage a Document Workspace site in SharePoint

  A Document Workspace site helps you to coordinate the development of one or more related documents with other people. The site provides tools to share and update files and to keep people informed about the status of those files.   Overview By using a Document Workspace site, you and your colleagues can coordinate theContinue reading “Create and manage a Document Workspace site in SharePoint”

Manage Site Access Request for Multiple accounts

This Article will explain how we can add multiple users for Access request notification using Site administration option. The little article and trick will help using normal email l sending configuration and how we can use on “Access request notification”, first we need to go to “Site Action> Site Settings>Permission” there we have the optionContinue reading “Manage Site Access Request for Multiple accounts”

What are Timer Jobs in SharePoint ?

  Many different types of applications require some variation of a scheduled process to run. These processes are used for complex calculations, notifications, and data validation checks, among many other tasks. Windows SharePoint Services is no exception. To return relevant and timely results to users’ search queries, the content within a server farm must beContinue reading “What are Timer Jobs in SharePoint ?”