Sharepoint – VMWARE

Run SharePoint Server on VMware vSphere – The Best Platform for Windows for Uptime and Recoverability SharePoint provides business-critical services to organizations worldwide.  SharePoint deployments are multi-tier and rely on multiple servers and services, and often grow explosively as workgroups learn to harness capabilities for collaboration, workflow, content management and publishing.  VMware vSphere facilitates rapid growth, andContinue reading “Sharepoint – VMWARE”

Sharepoint Apps – Integrates into Outlook (Freeware) for SharePoint is an Outlook sidebar that drives document and social adoption of SharePoint without changing user behavior, by providing every business user easy, full-featured access to SharePoint from the convenience of the email client. As a client-side application, for SharePoint integrates with Microsoft SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint Online as wellContinue reading “Sharepoint Apps – Integrates into Outlook (Freeware)”