Customizing Access Denied Page in MOSS 2007

Sometimes you get a requirement to customize the default ‘Access denied page’ in MOSS 2007. For beginners, don’t confuse this page with IIS 401 ‘Access denied’ page. They are completely different. Request for customizing access denied page generally means, having the same look and feel of the rest of the site. In my experience thisContinue reading “Customizing Access Denied Page in MOSS 2007”

Quick A to Z of SharePoint Logs

SharePoint generates multiple log types. Logs in SharePoint require three basic steps like all other logs: Logging, Processing and Reporting. The logging can take place to file locations on front-end servers or to the associated content databases for each Site Collections (including SSP). Processing happens via Timer Jobs on the front end servers and the SSPContinue reading “Quick A to Z of SharePoint Logs”

How To Find Your SharePoint Error Logs

The SharePoint Error Logs can be an indispensible tool when you are having problems. However, they can be located in many different places. To Find Where SharePoint Logs are Being Stored Go to Central Administration Click on Monitoring Under “Reporting” > Click on Configure Diagnostic Logging In the Trace Logs section of the page >Continue reading “How To Find Your SharePoint Error Logs”

What is the Maximum upload size per file in sharepoint 2007?

The out of box setting is 50mb. This is for a single upload operation. That means – a single user performing an upload operation to SharePoint. The upload cannot exceed 50mb for that operation. This could be a single file of 50mb or 10 files of 5mb each. Again, this is per upload operation. EachContinue reading “What is the Maximum upload size per file in sharepoint 2007?”

WSS V3 – Increasing the maximum upload limit on a Sharepoint Site

WSS v3 – default limit of 50mb today.  I asked him to quickly tap it into google as I figured there would be hundreds of posts out there on how to do it, but sadly almost all of them seem to be for WSS v2. Fortunately most of the principles are still the same, exceptContinue reading “WSS V3 – Increasing the maximum upload limit on a Sharepoint Site”

SharePoint – How To: Dynamically convert youtube URLs into embed videos

Ok, so the scenario is simple. You have a SharePoint page, a WIKI, a Blog, or a publishing page and you decided to add YouTube video links to it. Links are great, but you want to display embeds. You probably don’t want your users messing with the HTML to try getting the embed code right.Continue reading “SharePoint – How To: Dynamically convert youtube URLs into embed videos”

Sharepoint – Approval Workflows.

I have a link for you that discusses the Approval workflows in greater detail: As well as a link with information regarding three-state workflows:

Tutorial on using SharePoint Workspaces 2010

Work where you want when you want with Microsoft SharePoint 2010. SharePoint opens locally on your PC, enabling you to sync your folders and work on or offline. Collaborating as a team is easy with SharePoint technology. Find SharePoint Workspace on Facebook for support, tips and the latest news: